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Patios and Walkways


We like to say our landscape walkways offer creative solutions that range from palace-worthy to Walden Pond-appropriate. Let your imagination do the walking as you consider your space and then give us a call so we can help you realize your dream. We’ll ask you to choose the materials, shapes, textures, and colors as we create a design that brings your visions to life.


Who doesn’t love an inviting space for enjoying the great outdoors? A cozy place for families to gather for cookouts and cocktails; for mingling and munching; for stargazing or just relaxing on a beautiful summer evening. Adding outdoor living spaces or “rooms" has become a very popular way to bring the indoors outside. It’s a "can do" project that can be enjoyed many months of the year ... even in central Illinois.

Once again Designer Landscapes begins with your ideas and our quality products. We may incorporate a variety of materials, mix up the coloration a bit, include plantings and lighting, and add a water feature and/or a fire pit. Take it from us, you’ll be dazzled with the outcome and find yourselves speaking aloud, "Why didn’t we do this sooner?"


Outdoor Living

Here's the latest in enjoying the great outdoors - room to grow!